I’ve been told some pretty amazing stories but none has matched the one told to me as an adult by a shy 17-year-old boy in a Sydney fruit and vegetable market. Several years ago, I was at my usual stand buying fruit and veg for the week ahead when the seller, a young man, approached […]

Humans are wired for storytelling. Great stories capture our imagination, bring ideas to life, tug at hearts, inspire our thoughts, feelings and actions, and also inform and entertain. You get the picture. As a kid, some of the best stories I was told included: A fairy who left 50 cents under my pillow each time […]

The day world-renowned heart surgeon Dr Victor Chang was shot I sat in my office fielding media calls about him, unaware of their significance. I was then the publicity officer at a large public teaching hospital based on Sydney’s North Shore. I routinely handled around four incoming media calls a day but on July 4, […]

Keen to see what our future looks like, I recently volunteered to spend a day with a bunch of kidpreneurs and kidventors. I met these enterprising Gen Z students at a technology-related equivalent of the X Factor for kids. It was organised by Young ICT Explorers to encourage kids aged from eight to 18 to create […]

This week as I was brainstorming to come up with relevant and juicy ideas to promote a start up I suddenly wondered where my thoughts were coming from. That started me on a journey to get the inside skinny on thoughts, which are the basis of ideas, and this is my cheat sheet. My starting […]

The legacy of Leonardo da Vinci is a simple code of behaviour: observe everything. While many of us don’t have da Vinci’s creative genius, we can easily cultivate his ability to observe the world sharply. Just be sure to park your judgement far away. When we become used to our surroundings, including friends and family, […]

This week I exercised my curiosity by immersing myself in Sydney’s coffee culture. In the process, I downed five litres of espresso, met a stack of office workers and now face caffeine withdrawal symptoms. I already knew that small independent cafés rely on strong coffee sales and so I turned to them for fresh insights […]

Thorpey has done something many of us wouldn’t dare: to ignore the approval of others. Now that one of our greatest sporting legends has revealed an intimate snippet about himself – “I’m not straight” – he’s broken a new world record, outside the pool. Thorpey is a truth teller and I want to be just […]

A friend of a business contact excitedly told us about her new hire, capping off this person’s talents with: ”And, you know, she’s a perfectionist; she said so and so did her last boss…I’ll have nothing to worry about…” Oh yes, you do. I was disappointed for my friend’s friend and told her so. What […]

I’m starving and I’ll bet you are too! I’m starving for more time in my day and paradoxically I’ve decided to introduce rest in my stand against time famine. Recently, I was a member of a small team where I worked intensively for several weeks across a range of projects. OK – so there’s nothing […]