Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Sochi gold medal

As the Winter Olympics in Sochi takes off I’m reminded of the fantasy we tell ourselves about pursuing dreams. Not the ones created during bedtime, but the hopes and ideas about our future that fuel thought bubbles and perhaps our very existence.

I’m no killjoy, it’s just that I believe we need to pursue and live dreams as long as they use our unique talents or gifts.

This sounds really simple, yet I know it’s not a popular belief.

The fake dream

Instead, we tell people – as well as ourselves – to ‘go for it’, ‘just do it’ and ‘pursue your dream’, often with little regard for whether they or we have any ability for the task, career or journey that lies ahead.

On my life journey, I’ve met too many lawyers and doctors who were pursuing someone else’s career dream, usually their parents’. If you’ve ever watched Toddlers and Tiaras, you know what I mean; check it out on YouTube.

I’ve also met plenty of ‘corporate people’, men and women, who discovered well into their careers that they’d pitched their ladders against the wrong wall.

They say the dream of rising to the top of the ladder in their chosen and respective fields didn’t optimise their unique talents.

What’s more, when they were able to slow down from their supersized careers and reflect, they universally acknowledge that pursuing a ‘fake dream’ left them with a sense of emptiness.

Get on the right track

You’ll know that you’re on the right track with your dream when it:

  • draws heavily on and enhances a talent that comes to you naturally
  • makes you lose track of time because you’re so into it
  • brings positive change to your life and other people
  • isn’t just about making money

Sure, in living our dreams we’ll face hiccoughs, long hours and stresses ahead, but we’ll be wired for success using our unique gifts.

That sounds a whole lot better than pushing and shoving our way to achieve something that doesn’t show who we really are.

As the 22nd Winter Olympics unfolds, I know I’ll be gobsmacked by the athletic achievements, will power and courage of participants. I hope, though, they really are pursuing their unique talents. (Photo: euronews.com)

  • Are you living your dream?


  1. abnormallydesigned · ·

    I love reading motivation like this! It helps me go on with my own dreams. Very inspiring! 😀

    1. Thanks for your kind words abnormallydesigned. I enjoy your blog and have yet to drop by this week. Stay tuned…Best, Gobsmacking Stuff

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