Elevate Yourself and Inspire Others

high heel shoes

I’ve found a foolproof way to become gobsmackingly inspirational. It involves one easy step. Just elevate yourself.

There’s no need for 3.5 inch high heels, skydiving or traveling up escalators. Instead, surround yourself with uplifting and inspirational people.

They are the best tonic.

What’s more, they’ll push you to want to be the same with others. I always carry positive vibes from uplifting encounters and meetings onto my next activity.

This enables me to pay-it-forward and – in the process – become an inspiration to myself and others.

Give encouragement

I give people words of support, empathy, hope and happiness, and aim to match this with my actions.

So far, so good, according to a bunch of people I’ve been meeting with regularly this year, and comments from my close friends and family.

I’m not sure what the strangers I’ve randomly encountered this January would say. Some of them have shared deeply personal stories with me, while I’ve shared encouraging words with them.

Elevate everywhere

I meet uplifting people everywhere: coffee shops, bus shelters, office receptions, nail spas, work settings, and at “the local”.

What’s more, I actively bring them into my life through professional networking, attending business seminars or workshops, and meeting friends of friends.

Uplifting people leave me feeling refreshed, energised and, at times, in awe when I experience their unique stories.

Touching stories

Over the past two weeks as I’ve gone about my routines, I’ve heard stories first-hand – some from strangers – that touched me deeply. A handful include:

  • A woman was diagnosed with a rare lung disease three years ago and lives her life taking steroids which have severely limited her lifestyle. She says she now gains pleasure from small things like getting her nails ‘done’
  • A friend and heavy smoker who is dying from a lung condition returned to work this week. He said, “When your number’s up, it’s up, and I just want to be happy”
  • A friend’s friend saw his 10-year business collapse, leaving other assets like his home in jeopardy

As grim as those stories sound, each person inspired me by keeping a positive outlook despite facing adversity. In fact, there was not a victim in sight.

Be gobsmackingly inspirational

We can all be inspirational. It’s not necessarily about doing one-off amazing things, although it can be. Being an inspiration is really about being encouraging with the:

  • thoughts we tell ourselves
  • words we speak and write
  • ideas we share
  • actions we take everyday

Most of all, being gobsmackingly inspirational is about being the change you want in life.

  • How are you an inspiration to others?



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