Got Any Small Change Today?

Small change

This year I’m focussing on small change. Not the sort found in my coin jar, bottom of any handbag or pockets. Instead, I’m aiming to bring small change to my daily life that delivers big rewards to me and others.

The world, however, seems geared for big change:

  • businesses want market domination
  • movie producers aim for a global box office hit
  • commercial artists – recording and otherwise – seek mega scale awareness
  • religions want more conversions

And, don’t we all seek bigger online communities?

Sure, the big picture is important. Yet, if each of us focusses on making at least one small positive change to our daily routines, it would improve our mindsets and create a positive ripple effect among people around us.

Bring it on!

My 2014 small change list includes:

  • grabbing more dream time by going to bed 30 minutes earlier each night
  • adding short walks of 10 minutes to each day, boosting heart health and mental chillax
  • clearing my desk daily, improving my workspace and free-ing my mind

I reckon by year’s end I’ll be super rested having clocked up 182 additional hours of shut-eye and dreams. I’ll also be fitter with perhaps a few more years added to my life span; well, that’s what the research says.

Most of all, I’ll be way more relaxed, in mind and body. This can only mean I’ll be far more present in my daily interactions with others. Many times, I’ve got thoughts racing around in my head focussing on: ‘what’s next?’ instead of the present moment.

Small change is for everyone

Yesterday, as I milled around the accessories counter in David Jones, Bondi Junction I realised that it, like many other businesses, needs small change STAT.

I was desperate for service, just like the small posse waiting. A frustrated shopper exclaimed: “DJs is gonna lose lots of money today!”

The one saleswoman on duty then snarled at us: “This is not my counter!”

Sadly, this has been a familiar experience of mine in a few stores this year. And here it was again unfolding in front of me. I had reluctantly returned a second time to this counter to buy a brand only sold by DJs and only in its bricks-and-mortar stores.

Small change equals big impact

Just by bringing small change to its inadequate staffing rosters, DJs and businesses in the same boat could dramatically create positive experiences for their customers and staff – in and out of sales season.

Ironically, small change would actually help push each of them towards market leadership and we’d all benefit. After all, either customers would get reduced everyday prices and more sales seasons that come with a stronger buying power of a market leader, or we’d go elsewhere.

And so it is with the small change I’ve started to implement in my daily life; it puts me in the driver’s seat. What’s more, those around me benefit.

  • What small change are you making this year?
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