2014: Choose to Connect or Kill

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I hope 2014 sees people everywhere use words positively. Whether you’re at work or play, may this be the year we communicate in ways that uplift and build connections with others.

Let’s aim to use words that create positive moments; a “Hi!” delivered genuinely can literally change someone’s outlook or day.

Imagine the ripple of kindness and unity we can create just by choosing more upbeat words.

Cue positive change

Take my cousin and her husband who recently shopped in Coles. As they collected their groceries the cashier beamed and said: “God bless you.”

They froze, not because they are not religious, but because the words touched them deeply. The cashier – a stranger – could not have known that my cousin is waiting for a heart operation, or that her chronically ill husband continues to live past death sentences imposed by doctors over the years.

In an instant, the cashier’s words changed their day and week ahead, my cousin said.

A top life strategy

In case this sounds too warm and fuzzy, consider that using words positively is a great life strategy.

I reckon we all want to spend more time with people who build us up by using encouraging words, instead of those who cut us down or even try to kill us with negative words.

Favourable words inspire, carry hope, bring compassion, show empathy and motivate.  What’s more, upbeat words drive great ideas that transform people, relationships and events.

This year, open your tube of positive words and apply liberally each day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • When has using positive words helped you?
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