Ninety Seconds Of Crowd Sourcing Wanted Now


I need your input, for 90 seconds, please. At beer o’clock last week some of us found a problem, involving Design Thinking, and I need a crowd to test my prototype. You in? 

A few beer buddies felt the words describing the three-day course at Macquarie Graduate School of Management didn’t fully capture the value it creates, or our amazeballs experience.

My experience of the hottest little black dress of business was technicolour, while the online course introduction is a little beige. Sorry, MGSM. I promise it’s not the booze talking.

Houston: we have a problem 

Sure, each MGSM course participant was bound to have a different experience; that’s life, right? It’s just that a mindset with the power to bring market disruption needs an intro that’s going to disrupt minds.

And here’s where you come in. You get to vote on an experiment I’ve been working on, just for fun. I’ve created a draft prototype – or online intro – to the MGSM course.

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The experiment 

Technically, our “problem” isn’t wicked, so applying Design Thinking is not going to work, but I dipped in and out of its methodology for this experiment.

As a starting point, I applied empathy to the problem. I recalled roles as a signatory for eager employees pitching me learning and development opportunities to attend. 

I also remembered being an employee armed with my L&D wish list and wads of supporting information, often with multiple downloadable links, ready to pitch to a hapless boss.

My experiment also saw me ideate like crazy and here’s a sample:

  • What if, as an employee, I punched the air with a verbal tweet about a three-day course that got my boss to sit up and take notice?
  • What if I gave a sticky intro that would drive the boss to want to download the MGSM brochure sooner rather than later?
  • What if, as a boss, I could experience the business deliverables in 10 minutes or less? The boss could mentally green light the course and quickly be freed to do other stuff.

Crunch time approached and, taking on board my ideas and insights, I strung together words that are waiting to meet you.

The prototype

Before you vote, check out the current online intro called #1, followed by my experiment called #2.

As you scroll down, be sure to put on your emcee voice and a hot little black dress if you can. Guys just do the dress bit in your mind, unless wearing LBDs is how you express yourself.

Design Thinking at MGSM #1
This hands-on course is designed to introduce you to a dynamic new way of approaching business conundrums: Design Thinking.
Design Thinking is not just a process – it’s a mindset. Throughout the three-day, highly interactive program, you will be introduced to both the process and the mindset, empowering you to view issues with fresh eyes in order to achieve significantly better outcomes. (61 words).
Design Thinking at MGSM #2
A hands-on course delivering a better mousetrap to address thorny business challenges. Participants gain a new mindset and proven approach to deliver improved business outcomes, and create internal and external value.
Smart organisations know Design Thinking as a secret weapon to transform and disrupt competitive B2B and B2C markets.
Hallmarks include enhanced stakeholder experiences, successful innovation, finding new opportunities, building sustainable brands, and positive organisational cultures. (66 words).

Vote here and now!

Vote in the comment box below: put #1 or #2 in your message.

I know you want to help because following my last post, which was on Design Thinking, many got in touch with me about the MGSM course. Collectively, you put the previous post in the top three on my blog – for now.

Of course, it’s pretty dumb of me to not test #2 with MGSM, or the rad course facilitator, or to collaborate with my beer o’clock buddies. But, like all experiments, it will need to be re-tested, assuming many others think my hypothesis or “problem” is valid.

  • Vote by 30 November and I’ll let you know the result. 


  1. And the winner is…#2…Responses on my personal Facebook and here show 8 votes for #2 and 1 vote for #1.

  2. #2 because it is outside the box!

    1. Now that brought a smile to my face!

  3. #1

  4. Hi Lisl
    I like them both but prefer#2 but some of #1 could be used also.on our brochure

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