Words that King Hit

coffee cup

I was king hit by a bloke’s words today. And the sting remains more than 12 hours later.

In just five words this guy tried to knock me down in a major way. He said, “Can I have a coffee?”

A stranger was asking me to make him a coffee – and without so much as a ‘please’. He was perfectly able to make it, yet I was being asked because I stood next to the tea and coffee station, dunking a tea bag in my own cuppa.

Diversity had taken annual leave this morning.

What’s more, in this guy’s world it appears that women who behave like me can expect to be given the role of coffee “girl”.

Still standing

In an instant, this bloke perceived me to be his subordinate in every way – and not his equal – at a course we’re both attending at Macquarie Graduate School of Management. And that’s why, more than 12 hours later, the sting remains although I’m still standing.

Not surprisingly, none of the men near the drink station this morning were asked to fix this guy a cuppa.

Just so you know, I’m not dissing anyone in the hospitality industry; they do an awesome job without, I’m sure, much recognition. What I am dissing is this guy’s attitude.

Apologise with sincerity

After lunch I made myself another cuppa at a different station. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this guy on approach. “I was going to make you a cup of something,” he said. Whatever.

I walked away.

If you ever want to apologise to someone, take the Nike approach. Just do it. But do it with sincerity.

So, I wonder if this bloke is going to apologise before our course ends? It’s never too late. Then again, his head is probably so far up his back passage, he can’t see the light surrounded by all that darkness.

  • Have you ever been king hit by someone’s words?
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