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Create an unforgettable moment by giving others the virtual experience of your idea as you launch it.

Take the erect penis of researcher Professor Giles Skey Brindley who pulled down his pants at a major urodynamics clinical meeting to give medical specialists the virtual experience of his research.

Guests seated in the front row, including wives of the specialists, were even asked to touch his bobbing erection to prove its stiffness. Awkward.

What guests didn’t know was that before his presentation – 30 years ago last week – Professor Brindley had injected his penis with various agents to make it swell. After guests viewed a brief slide show demonstrating the powers of specific chemicals injected to his own member, Professor Brindley stepped out from the podium.

It was time for show and tell. One that was up close and personal, according to a professional journal memoir by guest Dr Laurence Klotz, now one of the world’s leading urologists. Go on, read his account; it’s in plain English.

Faced with a waggling hard-on, on approach, front row guests screamed and the presentation abruptly ended. But it will never be forgotten.

Bring on the unique and unexpected

Photo credit: The Telegraph

Photo credit: The Telegraph

It was the first time an effective therapy for erectile dysfunction was described, says Klotz in his account published in British Journal of Urology International.

What’s more, Klotz says it was unique, dramatic, paradigm-shifting, and unexpected. Brindley’s presentation, of course.

I’ll bet the following dinner reception, which accounts for wives attending Brindley’s presentation, was abuzz with his revolutionary idea and its gobsmacking introduction.

Pimp out your ideas

Pimping out ideas, even big ones, before launch is not exclusive to speakers, politicians or marketing departments. You are also a member of the Creative Club and entry is free.

Whether we realise it or not, every day we pimp out ideas before presenting them to each other. At its most basic, when we influence others we seek to position our idea in the best possible way to get buy in.

It’s now time to step up our approach to introducing ideas.

Create the virtual experience

Let’s consciously aim whenever possible to give others the virtual experience of our idea as we unveil it to them, just as Brindley did. This will facilitate understanding, create an unforgettable moment, and can lead to more engaging connections with others.

Just don’t attempt to pull down your pants and flash your privates unless you’re Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. Sadly, Professor Brindley may have unintentionally offended some guests during his memorable presentation.

Virtual experience in action

Balcony scene still from Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Balcony scene still from Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Around five centuries earlier, Romeo knew the importance of creating a virtual experience to his launch his big idea.

The star-crossed lover would surely have been dumped if all he said to Juliet was, “I love you, so let’s run off and get married?”

Juliet was, by all accounts, the fairest maiden for miles. She had a large dowry. Bottom line: Juliet could date anyone. Well, any Capulet her father chose.

Instead, our Montague hero Romeo staged a memorable introduction of his big idea to declare to Juliet his love. He scaled her bedroom balcony in a heavily guarded castle and told her she was the bestest, pledging a faithful vow of deep love and passion.

His words and actions gave Juliet the virtual experience of what dating, mating and living with Romeo forever could be like. No wonder Juliet said yes.

Join Romeo and Brindley

Be like Romeo and Brindley when you introduce your next idea. Consider how you can create the virtual experience for others. They may not readily accept your idea but, for at least a moment, you’ll have them experience a new possibility in an engaging and uplifting way.

Try this approach when you next want to drag a bloke to a chick flick, have kids eat veggies, or need to pitch a business idea. Let me know how you go.

In case you wondered, Sir Giles is 87 and over the years turned his creativity to writing a book, inventing a musical instrument ‘the logical bassoon’, and undertaking loads of scientific research. I’ve inducted him into the hall of fame.

  • What’s your fave example of creating the virtual experience of an idea for launch?
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