Why Gobsmacking Stuff Matters

My blog is about creating positive change.  It spotlights awesome ideas, and the words used to promote them, driving change that matters.

All great ideas and their supporting words cause a shake up of the status quo.  The best ideas often leave us gobsmacked or stop us dead in our tracks. Sometimes they even terrify us.

I’ve created this blog to showcase positive creativity in action.  It’s the kind that hits you between the eyes, not Miley Cyrus twerking at this year’s MTV MVAs.  OK, I was gobsmacked, but there was nothing positive or uniquely different aka awesome about her moves.  Breaking Bad fans will love this send up:

So, I’ve mentioned “positive change” and “awesome ideas” because not all change is good and not all ideas are great.  D’oh.  In upcoming posts I’ll sometimes talk about stinking ideas.

Before I forget, while my blog is moderated, here are a few house rules:

Gobsmacking Stuff welcomes debate and discussion but it’s bad form to use this blog in any way that is:

  • Offensive, abusive, defamatory, discriminatory or sexually suggestive or explicit
  • Transmit, distribute or upload harmful programs or information
  • Misrepresent your identity

No surprises here: posts will be deleted if the terms and conditions are broken. Please don’t forget to credit Gobsmacking Stuff if you’re lifting content.

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